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Bearing the Cross
by Karen Leann Malonee

I am trying so patiently to bear the cross,
but the cross consists of so much grief, pain, and loss.

Lord, this seems to be far more than I can handle;
I am lost in the darkness and I don't have a candle.

Lord, where are You?  Where did You go?
How could You leave me during my times of woe?

My back is bent with a heavy burden.
Lord, can't You see how much I am hurting?

I suffer pain, grief, and fears,
as well as temptations, frustrations, and tears.

You know how often I've fallen down, Lord, and how hard my life has been.
How often have I made You frown, Lord, by falling into sin!

I counted up all the crosses that You gave me, Lord, to bear.
At first, I thought You had done this because You didn't love me, and did not care.

But after I carried them farther than a mile,
I stopped, and I really thought for a while.

I then realized that You gave me these crosses to make me strong.
And You were with me the whole time, Lord; You were there all along.

You really DO love me, Lord, and You gave me them to bear
so that I would become stronger, and learn just how much You really care.

And as heavy as these crosses might seem to be, I know that they are really quite light --
when compared to the cross that Jesus bore for this world on that holy night.

Lord, I know that You will never give me something that I cannot handle.
And Lord, Your love has lightened my darkness; You are my missing candle.

I am relying on You, Lord, to lead me on the road that leads to my Heavenly Goal.
And upon Your Son's True Body and True Blood to feed my hungry soul.

And even though the path is narrow,    
     I'll still follow Christ, the Arrow
that will lead me on the road through pain and strife --    
     so that in the end, I may wear that Crown of Life!

Phillippians 4:13   I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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Poem © Karen L. Malonee, used with permission
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